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familiar and Creature assembly

How to build your Charred Axle Familiars & Creatures


comet fire

PURPOSE: Drones were originally designed to scan vast areas of exterior environment until the Rupture began, then their flight capabilities made them valuable surveillance drones. It was in the Charred Axle arenas that one was unveiled armed with powerful air to surface missiles.


- Add a small amount of glue on the connection points and gently press the Familiar's lift fans into position, they are a snug fit and do not need to be pressed with a lot of pressure. Press too hard and you may break the model. 

- The rear thruster simply slots into the recess in the back of the Familiar and is fixed with a small amount of glue.

- To mount this Familiar on its 32mm base, glue to flying stem in place on the base first. Gluing the familiar to the flying stand is optional, but highly reccomended.

PURPOSE: Mono-Roller drones were mining aids during the Stillness. Their modular limbs allowed them to be outfitted to handle many environments. Their main purpose was to uncover valuable mineral  veins in treacherous asteroid caves with their powerful Astro Cutter energy beams.


- Most of the Mono Roller Familiar weapons will attach to shoulder pads that will slot into the Familiar's body. You can change the angle of these weapons as you wish, then glue them in place.

- The missile pods slot directly into the Familiar's body and require glue.

- The Thorax Mortar slots over the back of the Familiar and will also require glue.

- The small nub under the wheel of this Familiar is what secures it to the 32mm base. It will require glue to be fixed in place.


mono roller



PURPOSE: The futility of attacking overrun Essence Farms in an attempt to recapture them from the Sprites lead to overwhelming losses of life. The Mechadon was designed to tip the Spear during full force assaults. It would take the brunt of the Sprites retaliation and was designed to withstand an unbeleivable amount of damage.


Follow the images to assemble your Mechadon. The legs and weapons should be glued in place.

-The upper torso and the lower pelvis of the model can be left without glue if you like, but gluing it in position will be more secure as there may be a risk of the torso falling during game play.

Each Meteor Cannon comes with a rear loading hatch. These require glue to be fixed in place. These parts are optional.

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