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Set in a distant star system called Tarapor, Charred Axle is a science fiction, miniature table top game that allows players to build custom vehicles, known as ‘Rigs’, to be pitted against each other in a contest of arena combat.

what you need to play

  •  A copy of the Charred Axle Destruction Manual.

  • Some Charred Axle Miniatures to play with.

  • A small flat surface such as a coffee table.

  • Some 4 sided dice.

  • Tokens and markers.

  • A measuring device such as a tape or ruler with centimetres.

  • 30-90 minutes of time.


You can find everything you need in the Charred Axle shop. Some things are even free if you would like to try the game before buying - check out the 'RESOURCES' page!  

So do you think you've got what it takes to be the next Charred Axle Champion?

You do?

Then we'll see you in the Arenas!

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