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weapon assembly

How to build your Charred Axle Weapons


astro driver

PURPOSE: High-powered energy beam weapon, used to bore holes deep beneath the Ainashian sands while simultaneously melting and 'cauterising' the sand into glass to create a stable surrounding for large pylons and support cables to be inserted.


- The Astro Driver comes in two parts, the weapon barrel and the turret. the turret is optional and if you prefer the look of the weapon mounted to your Rig without it, then go for it.

- If you want to include the turret, simply slot the weapon barrel onto the top of the turret as shown, using a small amount of glue to secure it in place.

PURPOSE: A Modular Weapon system designed in the early days of the Sprite invasion. A weapon that could be modified to take on different target types was needed. The Multi Turret boasts a large and flexible ammo storage and the ability to install numerous auxiliary accessories to aid in combat manoeuvres.


- All 5 of the Multi Turret Weapon Barrels slot into the circular opening on the front of the turret itself. Add a small amount of glue to fix the chosen weapon in place.

- Accessories, such as a target finder or ammo drum can be installed on the turret, or you can add the blank hatch cover instead. The hatch cover and ammo drum can be installed anyway around, but pay attention to the target finder, there is a left variant and a right variant.




shatter blast missiles

PURPOSE: Designed by the Tarapor Defence Force to combat large swathes of small sprites on mass. Its missile launcher can fire individual missiles and specific targets, or fire a full payload of four to carpet bomb a large area. This weapon should be used with great care if friendly forces are close to the target area.


- The Shatter Blast Missile Launcher comes in two parts, the missile launcher and the turret. The missile launcher sits on the turret so that it can tilt up and down slightly. The missile launcher should be glued in place once you have chosen your desired angle.

PURPOSE: Long range missiles with dedicated onboard targeting systems developed to seek out key targets from a relativley safe distance. 


- The two large Shreik Missiles have small rectangular fins on their underside. These slot into the spaces on the Missile rack. Use a small amount of glue to fix in place.  

- The Missile Rack can now be glued onto your Rig. Use a small amount of glue to fix it in place after you have decided where to put it.



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