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The Charred Axle rules will always be available for FREE in a digital PDF file from the Charred Axle store and the Resources page. This allows me to update the rules as the game evolves, and it lets you to get the updates right away. Keep an eye on the News page and the Instagram channel for notifications of new updates.

A paperback version is also available in the store and on Amazon Marketplace.

All official Charred Axle miniatures are also available from the Charred Axle store.



Inside this 58 page manual you will find all the rules needed to play a game of Charred Axle, including a large Rig Design section that gives you countless options for customising your Rig to suit your personal play style. In addition to the rules you will find multiple sections on the lore and history surrounding Charred Axle and the Tarapor star system where it originates. 

miniature group


Charred Axle is played with 3D printed miniatures mounted on 50mm and 32mm circular bases. The models available at launch will be: An original roster of 5 vastly different Rig designs, over 20 different weapon designs, 2 styles of robotic pets called Familiars, 1 Mechadon - a large bipedal robot designed for the toughest of combats, a terrifying biological worm that lives in the deserts on planet Ainash called a Terror Worm, and all the tokens and counters you will need.



Not wanting players to have to go out and buy a multitude of different dice types and styles, Charred Axle is played with only 4 sided dice. You can use your own if you have some, but in the Charred Axle store you can find specially designed dice which are much more satisfying to roll than the regular pyramid style.

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