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News and updates surrounding the Charred Axle Tabletop game.


rules update

Resistance Field

Only a minor change here, but it makes this modification much more balanced and worth the investment.

The following text replaces the text found in the first paragraph of the the Game Rules section for Resistance Fields on page 12:

"A Rig may be equipped with a Resistance Field Modification that provides it with a forcefield. A Resistance Field has 1 Layer by default. Each Layer forces the attacking Player to reroll 1 of their Impact Power dice after a successful Impact Power roll, starting with the highest dice result(s) first."


winter wars Event 2

The second event of the Winter Wars tournament has been published to youtube. It goes down to the wire!

Check it out now!



youtube launch

I have launched the Charred Axle youtube channel with a winter Tournament in which 6 Rigs will scrap it out to be crowned the Winter Champion of 2023.

Head over there now and check out the first battle report.


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