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This bundle comes with both the Comet Fire Drone Familiar and the Mono-Roller Familiar. 


If you want a robotic pet to accompany your Rig in the Arena to help dish out the destruction, or buff your defences, then this bundle is for you.

Familiar Bundle

8,00 €Price
All pre-orders will usually be shipped within 30 days of receiving your order. Thank you for your patience.
  • This product comes with the following parts:

    1 x Mono-Roller Familiar Torso

    8 x Mono-Roller Familiar Shoulders

    1 x Asteroid Cutter Weapon

    2 x Mawler Appendage Weapons (1 x Left & 1 x Right)

    2 x Pin-rod Spitter Weapons (1 x Left & 1 x Right, including ammo clips)

    1 x Scorch Tongue Weapon

    2 x Shatter Pod Missile Weapons (1 x Left & 1 x Right)

    1 x Thorax Mortar

    2 x Vibro Drivers (1 x Left & 1 x Right)

    1 x Comet Fire Drone Familiar (Including: Rear Thruster, and Side Fans)

    2 x 32mm Bases

    1 x Flying Stand.


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