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This bundle comes with the 58 page softcover Destruction Manual and over 140 individual miniatures and tokens. Including 4 Rig types of your choice with a full armoury included for each. Check the parts list below for more info.


This Bundle has been designed to take your Charred Axle experience to the next level, allowing you to host thrilling 4 player games with the help of 2 large Phenomena Models - the Mechadon and a Terror Worm!


WARNING! Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 8!

All Charred Axle miniatures require assembly using super glue, or other type of fast drying glue.

Arena Overseer's Bundle

75,00 €Price
All pre-orders will usually be shipped within 30 days of receiving your order. Thank you for your patience.
  • This product comes with the following parts:

    1 x Destruction Manual

    4 x Rigs of your choice

    4 x Slam Rams

    4 x Full Armoury Sets (over 80 individual weapons)

    4 x Multi Turrets (with 6 accessories per turret)

    12 x Mines (6 variations)

    1 x Comet Fire Drone Familiar

    1 x Mechadon Bipedal Rig (Phenomenon)

    1 x Terror Worm (Phenomenon)

    6 x 50mm Bases

    1 x 32mm Base

    3 x Primer Pads

    8 x Primer Tokens

    8 x Activation Tokens

    8 x Charred Axle Dice

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