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In this bundle you will find all the digital STL files so that you can print your own Charred Axle miniatures. Check the Parts List for a complete list of all models included.


NOTE: All STL files come unsupported as printing angles will vary depending on the printer you own. Please read the included Guidlines inside the .zip file.

Arena Overseer Bundle STL files

40,00 €Price
  • In this Digital STL file bundle you will get the following STL files.


    Activation Tokens x 8 (4 variants)



    Astro Driver Barrel

    Astro Driver Turret

    Blaster LEFT

    Blaster RIGHT

    Breach Sling

    Burstfire Blaster LEFT

    Burstfire Blaster RIGHT

    Convergeance Beam Cannon

    Flak Blaster LEFT

    Flak Blaster RIGHT

    Micro Missile Pod LEFT

    Micro Missile Pod RIGHT

    Microbeam LEFT

    Micro Beam RIGHT


    Multi Turret  - [Multi Turret Body, Ammo Drum x 2, Hatch Cover x 2, Targeter LEFT & RIGHT, Rear Hatch, Accelerator, Matter Rail, Rattler, Rearguard, Vengeance Cannon]


    Particle Beam

    Poly Balistica Salvo

    Reduction Lance

    Shatter Blast Missile Turret

    Shatter Blast Missile Launcher

    Shreik Missiles x 2 (1 Variant)

    Shreik Missile Rack


    Weapon Riser Mount 


    32mm Base

    50mm Base

    Flying Stand

    Charred Axle Dice x 8 (1 variant)

    Comet Fire Familiar Chassis

    Comet Fire Familiar Thruster

    Comet Fire Familiar Lift Fans x 2

    Drone Control Antenna

    Mechadon Chassis

    Mechadon Pelvis

    Mechadon Legs x 2

    Mechadon Meteor Cannon x 2 (with rear hatches x 2)

    Mines (6 variants)

    Primer Pads

    Primer Tokens



    All Terrain Roller Rig ( 1 x Chassis, 2 x Tracks, 2 x Wings)

    Bakkor Miner Rig (1 x Chassis, 6 x Wheels)

    Desert Spear Rig (1 x Chassis, 2 x wheels, 2 x Wings)

    Human Hot Rod Rig ( 1 x Chassis, 4 x Wheels)

    Human Truck Rig ( 1 x Chassis, 4 x Wheels)


    Slam Rams x 5 ( 1 for each unique Rig chassis)

    Terror Worm

    Turning Tool

    Guildline Readme File

    Terms and Contitions Readme file

  • In order for Charred Axle to grow, or just sustain itself, it has to rely on players making purchases. I tried to make the game as cheap as possible, hopefully allowing most people to have access to it; I’m not looking to get rich, only to earn a living creating enjoyable things.

    With that said, it would really great if you could following the simple Terms and Conditions I have laid out below. 


    TERMS AND CONDITIONS - Charred Axle Digital STL model purchases.

    1. Scott McGregor is the owner of all Charred Axle STL files.

    2. Charred Axle STL files are available for purchase at

    3. Once you own any Charred Axle STL files you have the right to print them at will on your own resin printer.

    4. Gifting the miniatures as printed models is accepted so long as there is no monetary exchange.

    5. Sharing the Charred Axle STL files is forbidden and goes against these terms and conditions.

    6. You must not sell the Charred Axle STL files via any means or upload them to the internet for any purpose.

    7. You may not use the Charred Axle STL files to create new content such a video games, animations or movies etc.


    Thank you for adhering to these terms and thank you so much for your support.


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